About Us

In the middle of a worldwide pandemic and total chaos I decided to start my own business.


Because today more than ever I realize how our wonderful nature provides in abundance with all the resources we need to live a healthy life.

I am Angelique, a Franco Senegalese born and raised in France and the founder of L'Angelique

I grew up within a family that cooked all the meals from scratch and I’ve created life memories with amazing flavors, aromas that I enjoyed so much in my childhood.

Our meals would change each season, and I remember how, when we would catch a cold, or a flu, a stomachache, cramps, eczema, anxiety, headache, etc… our parents would always Go-To a natural remedy to heal these minor health issues.

They would cook or prepare herbal tea, soups, give us vitamins with fruits, vegetables, massage us with essential oil or inhale plant streaming in hot water before checking with the doctor for allopathic medicine as an ultimate alternative

During this pandemic, we had to heal ourselves naturally and strengthen our immune system to fight this virus.

And magic happened !

This crisis was the perfect reminder and the trigger that I needed to get started  and go back to the essential in life.

Naturopathy is a philosophy of life, with prevention and self healing as a guideline.

Let our journey continue!